What Safety Equipment Do Your Construction Workers Need?

December 20, 2022

If you run a construction site, you need to ensure that you have the necessary safety equipment in Victoria. At VI Rentals, we have a wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety equipment to protect your workers.

Here are several types of PPE and other gear that your construction workers simply cannot do without.

Hard Hats

Hard hats are iconic for a reason ‒ they’re essential. On construction sites, tools or materials can sometimes fall from above without warning. Whether it is a brick, a screwdriver, a pole or a piece of wood, if it hits an unprotected head, it could be fatal. Hard hats have saved many lives and continue to do so as a basic and essential requirement on any construction site.

High Visibility Clothing

High visibility reflective clothing ‒ often made from bright neon colours such as yellow or orange with reflective strips ‒ is important to wear on construction sites, especially when vehicles are moving about. It can be very easy to miss a person and accidentally strike them with a vehicle because they are not visible amid the bustle and the dust. Reflective vests, overalls or jackets can help ensure that all personnel are visible even in poor visibility conditions.

Safety Boots

Safety boots are typically made of tough leather with a steel toe inserted into the boot to protect the feet from potentially getting crushed or otherwise harmed by vehicles or falling objects. Safety boots also have a superior grip underneath to prevent slippage from occurring, thereby minimizing the risk of falling, which can cause severe injury.

Ear Protection

Most construction sites are also extremely noisy, with power tools, banging and vehicles operating at all times. Workers who work in such environments for extended periods without ear protection can suffer hearing loss. Therefore, hearing protection is highly recommended, if not essential.

Eye Protection

In addition to hearing protection, safety goggles should also be worn on site when working, as there is often a lot of dust, sparks and chips of wood, stone or metal flying about. This is caused by vehicles moving about and power tools being used, among other things. Safety goggles will protect your workers' eyes from harm.

Safety Gloves

Safety gloves should also be worn by most construction workers. These not only can protect the hand from smaller splinters or rope burns, for example, but can also ensure a better grip to prevent slippage and prevent dropping tools, which can also lead to injury.

Safety Harnesses

Workers who are working at height on scaffoldings, for example, should also have harnesses to prevent them from falling. Such fall arrest gear is critical to ensure that all of your workers who are working at height are protected from falling, which can lead to grievous injury.

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection devices should also be worn in areas with a significant amount of dust, smoke or chemical fumes. Various construction projects could have fumes or severe amounts of dust, which can cause long-term damage to the lungs. It is worth it for workers to wear respiratory protection gear when working in such conditions.

At VI Rentals, we also have a range of other safety equipment in Victoria to go along with all this PPE. Contact us today to get all of your safety needs met for your construction site!