What Job Is An Electric Scissor Lift Equipment Rental Best For?

August 12, 2022

If you have ever rented an electric scissor lift before, then you will know how much easier your job becomes with this lift equipment rental! There are various lift options, but today we are focusing on the electric scissor lift and will explain the best application for it, so you always have the right equipment at the right time.

Preparatory Questions For Equipment Rental

When you contact our technical equipment rental team, they will ask you questions like:

What type of job site do you have? For example, the side of a mountain, an excavated, level plot or a finished surface.

What will be the highest vertical point of work?

What will be the total weight of people and equipment on board the lift?

When do you need us to deliver and collect?

What Is A Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is an aerial platform that is the same size as its base machine. It is versatile, agile and compact in proportions, therefore, making it suitable for indoor use as well as outdoors.

They are perfect for lifting your team with the necessary equipment, and their small size and low noise levels mean they can be used in a working interior, a theatre or a busy suburb. They are not suitable for rough terrain.

What Is The Scissor Lift Best Used For?

They might be compact in relation to construction equipment, but their platform is suitably sized for an array of jobs requiring team members and equipment elevated simultaneously. The stability and platform area space allows for work to happen on the platform floor as well.

They do not, however, move in multiple directions ‒ only up and down. This requires floor space directly below the area you want to work on.

Scissor lifts come in different versions, which will extend from 3 metres to 18 metres. Other types of lifts can have a greater extension ability.

The lower extension, relatively speaking, means that your sturdy scissor lift work platform has a greater load capacity of approximately 450 kgs. Rough terrain versions can carry up to fifty tonnes.

Summary Of Electric Scissor Lift Uses

The electric scissor aerial lift is a great choice for:

  • Indoor use but also versatile outdoors
  • Low fume requirements as electrical or battery lifts don’t release fumes
  • Tight or tricky spaces
  • Teams that need equipment to go up with them
  • Teams that need an elevated floor to place parts on to work on them
  • Elevated work in warehouses, electricians in multi-volume interiors, elevated exterior work like painting
  • Extensions from 3 metres to 18 metres depending on the lift chosen
  • Providing a working floor of 3 m x 0.6 m

Ready to lift your work to new heights? Call our technical equipment rental team today!