TIps For Safe Ladder Usage

January 16, 2023

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Ladders are particularly useful items, often used by various tradesmen such as painters, plumbers, roofers, electricians, and construction workers to quickly reach high areas with ease. However, many people are a little careless when using ladders, resulting in accidents and potentially serious injuries.

Here are some safety tips for using ladders that will ensure that you and your crew can complete your project without any injuries.

Ensure The Ladder Won’t Slip

When placing a ladder in position, it is vital that you place it in such a way as to ensure that it won’t slip and give way when it is in use. Most ladders have rubberized feet to ensure good grip on most surfaces. However, it is important to ensure that the rubber grips are intact and in good working condition before use.

Despite these rubber feet, the ladder might still slip on certain surfaces, depending on the angle and the weight being placed on it. In such circumstances, you should try to wedge the feet against something solid where possible and test the stability before using it.

Never use the ladder on uneven or unstable surfaces, such as table tops. Only use a ladder on flat and stable surfaces.

Maintain A Firm Grip

When using a ladder, you should always face the ladder and maintain at least three points of contact at all times. Never lean away from the ladder, lest you lose your balance and fall.

If you need to carry tools up or down with you, consider using a utility belt, pouch, or shoulder bag to carry them up so that you can still use both hands on the ladder. Never try to carry large and heavy items up or down a ladder ‒ only small items.

Have A Spotter

When using a ladder, it is never a good idea to do it alone. You should always have a friend or colleague nearby who can assist you if something goes wrong. Having a spotter can be useful if they see that the ladder is starting to slip or wobble, and they can help stabilize it for you.

Moreover, a spotter can call for help if needed, pass items up or down as needed, and hold the ladder stable as an extra means of support.

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