The When & What Of Scaffolding In Victoria

February 16, 2022

Drive past a building site and you will most often see teams using scaffolding in Victoria. Knowing which one is best for specific scenarios can be the difference between an on-time project and a delayed project. We have put together an overview of scaffolding types and uses in Victoria for you. Learn more below.

Cantilever Format Of Scaffolding In Victoria

The primary consideration for all scaffolding is that it must deliver a safe working environment at a budget-relevant price. A cantilevered setup can be complex as it requires elements of the scaffolding structure to be on single touchpoints. This arrangement suits space-sensitive areas that don’t offer lots of available ground on which to set up equipment. It also suits work that needs to allow foot traffic or road traffic to pass below.

Double Built Format Of Scaffolding In Victoria

This double built format is very useful when the structure you are working on is not able to have single scaffolding attached to it, e.g. stone masonry. The scaffolding framework is therefore not connected to the structure but is made from a self-supporting double plane setup. It has a minimum of two vertical facades or planes.

The overall structure is sturdy and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. As expected, the additional framework will increase the equipment budget requirements as well as the labour installation and break-down time.

Patented Type Of Scaffolding​​ In Victoria

Longer-term projects or huge projects tend to opt for this system of scaffolding. It is a self-supporting system with modular add-ons that bring great benefits to sizable projects, such as a staircase. Your workers do not have to clamber up and down but can safely traverse upwards while carrying small amounts of equipment or material.

This format can increase site efficiencies which will counter the increased equipment cost. If your project complexity or client requirements call for greater levels of health and safety, then patented scaffolding is your answer.

Single Scaffolding​​ Format In Victoria

As implied in the double format scaffolding in Victoria section, single scaffolding is used when the structure you are working on can support the tare and live load of the scaffolding system. Brick walls are a typical example of this as scaffolding connection points can be drilled into the structure. The wall, therefore, becomes the second vertical plane and works with the scaffolding to create a stable work platform.

Its advantages are:

. Speed of installation

. Speed of breakdown

. Less headcount is required to set it up

. Less equipment needs to be rented

These are just a few types of scaffolding in Victoria available. Talk to us about your project parameters, and we’ll guide you to the right solution.