The Mini Excavator Rental Will Surprise You With Diversity!

December 16,2020

Mini excavator uses are as diverse as their shapes and sizes. You can start with a 1.7-tonne machine, with 300mm and 450mm digging buckets (teeth), a 900mm batter bucket, expandable blade and adjustable rubber tracks, or step up to the 3.5-tonne option with rubber or steel tracks, bolt-on pads, 300mm, 450mm & 600mm digging buckets (teeth), 1200mm batter bucket with bolt-on edge and night operation lights. And the list goes on. Learn more here.

Daring DIY Projects

With the holiday season here, you more than likely have a long to-do list waiting at home. Landscaping reshaping, preparing for a new pool (finally!), digging a BMX track at the soccer club, you’ll find an excavator to be versatile, swift and agile. A small excavator is designed exactly for the purpose of operating in confined areas. Small enough to almost make the operator look like a cyborg. And to be fair, they are labelled Compact, not small.

Their power ratio is impressive, and they will eat through that hard, rocky ground quicker than you can say, Bob, The Builder.

You can rent an option with wheels or tracks but speak to our experts before making that choice if you have not hired an excavator before. If you excavate into a sidewall and the machinery is standing on the solid, compact ground, e.g. concrete, brick or indoors, the wheels are starting.

Hills, loose soil, partially excavated sites call for tracks.

Your compact excavator will help you with these muscle tasks:

▪ Pit, trench and hole digging for plumbing, tree transplanting, foundations, pools.

▪ Demolition of non-brick and mortar structures (like a shed)

▪ Landscaping shaping, flattening and anything you can think of

▪ Removing large tree stumps or old foundations.

▪ Plowing snow

▪ Digging irrigation ditches or rerouting streams

▪ Plot levelling when certain areas have tight access or sensitive work is required.

Excavator Use 101

Never use an excavator if you do not have formal training. You can quickly get yourself into a life-threatening situation with powerful machinery, especially when it has unusual turning circles, different weighting to a car and can crush things quickly and accidentally if used incorrectly, including people.

Do not do a dry hire for a ‘quick job.’ It is not worth it. Hire an operator as well.

If you have the necessary skills, then go forth but do so cautiously. Read the excavator’s manual as each machine will have specifics unique to it. Once your compact muscle machine arrives, you are locked and loaded to achieve a lot in a short space of time.

If you need a mini excavator rental for your project, contact the experts at VI RENTALS TODAY! We’ll be happy to recommend the right sized excavator for your project’s needs.