The Best Practices When Hiring Equipment

June 20, 2022

Procuring equipment rentals should be a simple and easy process when you use reputable hiring firms. However, business owners assume that every rental they hire is in optimal condition and ready to use on-site without proper checks taking place before signing off. This is an all too common issue in the equipment rentals industry and can lead to delays in schedules, increased risks of injuries due to mechanical failures and jeopardizing the safety regulations required on site.

This guide can assist you in understanding what the best practice is within the industry and what to expect.

Draw Up A Detailed Brief

When comparing hiring firms for your equipment rentals, ensure you provide a detailed brief of exactly what you are working on and what you will need to complete the project. Providing additional information such as the surroundings, materials in use and workers on-site can be useful in sourcing the correct equipment.

Ask For A Test Run

Before you sign for equipment, it is crucial to take on machinery that is in working condition. Ask for a test run to assess how the equipment works and note any mechanical issues that could impact you on site. Professional firms will be willing to share their maintenance schedule with you as a sign of good faith.

Evaluate Your Options

We always encourage our prospects to evaluate their quotations before deciding on the cheapest option. The least expensive rental does not necessarily mean you are saving money, especially if the equipment is in dire condition. The liability increases on your part and can seriously impact your project's completion.

Consider The Value-Add’s

Ask rental firms if they have any value-add offers to give you upon signing a contract with them. This can include dropping and picking up equipment, providing a short training course to your workers or discounts on early returns.

How do businesses protect themselves when choosing equipment rentals? How does one assess the reputability and reliability of a hiring firm? By using this guide, you can be assured you are making the right decision.

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