Safety Measures To Take When Handling Heavy Equipment

February 15,2021

Heavy equipment operators, ground workers and pedestrians in Victoria are faced with the possibility of injury or being killed while using this machinery or while in the vicinity of construction work. Heavy mobile equipment resulting in rollovers or individuals struck or crushed by this equipment are often the cause of these injuries and deaths. The need for safety supplies in this industry is always of utmost importance!

Today, we’re going to cover how you, your staff and others can stay safe on-site while using heavy equipment.

Stay In Control. Pay Close

Attention Administrative controls on site are the best method of minimizing the risks of injuries and fatalities and reducing any dangers.

Pre-Planning And Safe Work Practices

There are a couple of things that need to be considered along with safety supplies during the pre-planning of a project. These measures need to be taken to help reduce risks of injury while working around and with heavy equipment:

• Make sure you have trained, certified equipment operators and spotters

• Make sure that safety supplies from a specialist in Victoria

• Practice equipment hazard awareness

• Provide operating manuals for operating machinery

• Make sure that among the safety supplies you have COVID-19 protective equipment including medical or cloth masks, and gloves, sanitizers and adhere to social distancing

• Increase visibility and provide adequate lighting

• Make sure all equipment is serviced

Spot The Spotters

Spotters on-site wear obvious clothing and protective gear and must always be at a safe distance from equipment and visible to operators.

Operator Safe Work Practices

As you know, all machinery and equipment operators need to be trained and certified to use the equipment,. Keep in mind that these measures are to help reduce risks of injury through safe practice.

It is also important that equipment is always inspected on every shift to ensure that everything is safe to use.

At VI Rentals, we take safety seriously. We believe that industries with high-risk activities need to adhere to a range of health and safety compliance measures, including wearing of masks during these uncertain times.

Make sure that with every rental equipment and machinery you have on-site that you also have safety supplies from a reputable supplier in Victoria.

We provide the best safety equipment in Victoria. For all your equipment rental needs, get in touch with us!