Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Equipment Rental In Victoria Bc

June 16,2020

If you’re heading up a construction project, you may very well understand the value and benefits that renting equipment offers. Renting the right equipment can save you time, money and energy. However, renting the wrong equipment can throw your project off track and end up in unnecessary costs.

As rental equipment experts in Victoria Bc, we have seen many clients make the same mistakes over and over again, and while we always give the best advice we can, here are some mistakes that you should try and avoid when it comes to renting equipment:

Renting The Wrong Type Of Equipment

Many construction companies often make this mistake, and it can be a costly slip-up. If you rent equipment that is not right for the job at hand, you’re stuck with a useless, and expensive, piece of rental equipment. Ensure that you do thorough research into the scope of your project so that you can accurately assess what type of equipment you will realistically need in order to complete your project.

The Wrong Equipment Size

This is a very easy mistake to make, even more so than renting the wrong type of equipment. If the machine you rent is too small, with an even smaller engine, you will not have enough power to get the job done. If you rent a machine that is too big you may find it difficult to operate, store and it may guzzle up unnecessary amounts of fuel.

To avoid this mistake, it’s important ensure that you know the parameters of your site, understand your power needs and take an in-depth look at the site conditions and storage options. Take all of these factors into consideration when choosing equipment size.

The Wrong Timing

It is very important to know how long you will need the equipment for. By getting the timing spot-on, you save money and time. If you rent the equipment for longer than you actually need it for, you end up paying for days that the equipment was not even in use. If you do not request enough time, you may have to return equipment when you still need it.

Plan properly and look at past projects to get an accurate estimate for the timeframe for which you will need the rental equipment.

Not Choosing Quality Equipment

For safe and efficient operations, you need to ensure that you rent quality equipment from a quality rental equipment specialist in Victoria Bc. The equipment you rent should be certified, in good condition and well-maintained. Poor quality equipment will negatively affect your project and profit, and may even pose as a danger to your workers.

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