Know What To Look Out For When Using A Mini Excavator

November 24, 2022

The demand for mini excavator hire has escalated to massive proportions. Despite being small and dinky compared to their larger counterparts, these dynamite machines are a force to be reckoned with. Here's why you should rent a mini excavator in Victoria for your smaller earthwork project, and what you should know when operating your machine to maximize its efficiency.

The Rise Of The Dynamic Mini Excavator

The compact bodies of these power horses enable them to maneuver into tight spaces, high-tech attachments enhance their versatility, and they are easy to operate. In a nutshell, the mini excavator can perform similar tasks to an excavator but with added benefits to suit tight spaces. With the advancement of hydraulic technology, mini excavators can reach their full potential and stand you in good stead when operated correctly.

You Can Rely On A Mini Excavator

Cost-benefit is one of the primary advantages of hiring a mini excavator over a larger one. Your job won't be compromised in terms of time either since mini excavators work similarly to larger ones, can swing 360 degrees, and won't require you to move dump trucks around to accommodate the excavators. Because of their lighter weights, they are less likely to scrape or damage surfaces. They fit easily into a general trailer or extended pickup bed, thus making them easy and cheaper to transport. A major advantage of this service is that operators do not need a commercial driver's license.

Know How To Use Your Mini Excavator Effectively

  • Ensure that the drive-end is kept away from the work area to prevent debris from falling onto the motors.
  • Be aware of how far the counterweight hangs over the tracks and any obstacles you may encounter.
  • Use the right attachment for the job to prevent overworking the motor and reducing fuel efficiency.
  • Ask the hiring company to recommend the appropriate RPMs for the various tasks and do not run at full throttle unless necessary.
  • If the machine is used over a few days, check the track tension before each use to see if it needs tightening.
  • Clean the undercarriage daily, especially on heavy jobs.

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