How To Use Rented Scaffolding Safely

November 18, 2021

You’ve got a construction project that requires you to erect a bit of scaffolding to get the job done. You don’t normally need scaffolding for most of your projects and so you don’t own any. Therefore, you’re seeking scaffolding rental in Victoria, BC. Thankfully, here at VI Rentals, we’ve got you covered.

However, while it might be easy to rent the scaffolding required, you should be aware of how to use scaffolding safely. This is all the more important to know if you’ve don’t use scaffolding often or have never used it before.

Here are some scaffolding safety tips for you to take note of before you inadvertently put yourself or your workers at risk.

Make Sure Your Crew Is Trained

Unfortunately, there is no getting around training for setting up and using scaffolding safely. This includes erecting and dismantling procedures, proper climbing and dismounting procedures, and more.

Always Wear Appropriate PPE

No construction site is safe without the appropriate PPE. Hard hats are essential for those working around scaffolding since things like bricks or tools can drop off the scaffolding onto those below.

Another essential piece of equipment, especially on higher structures, is fall-arrest safety harnesses. While scaffolding is generally sturdy and safe, accidents can and have occurred on-site that have caused platforms to collapse. A work-at-height safety harness can save a worker’s life.

Tool lanyards are also good for preventing tools from falling, and non-slip safety boots are highly recommended.

Know What Not To Do

Don’t overload a scaffolding platform as it can break and collapse, causing injury.

Don’t climb up the scaffolding in places not intended for climbing, as this can cause the scaffold to topple and you could fall. Always use a secured ladder or a ladder that is built into the scaffold.

Don’t use scaffolding covered in ice, snow, mud, leaves or any other debris. Always remove anything covering the platforms before walking on lest you slip and fall.

Don’t ever leave tools, equipment or materials on scaffolding platforms between shifts. Weather or other factors can cause these to fall.

Don’t use ladders or boxes to reach higher. If the scaffolding is too low, raise the platform with more scaffold in a safe manner.

Don’t use the scaffold if there is any sign of damage or tampering. If this is the case, conduct a thorough inspection before continuing work.

If you’re looking for scaffolding rental in Victoria, BC, VI Rentals has got you covered. Contact us now for more information!