Five Things To Consider When Buying Safety Equipment Gear

July 27, 2021

Dangerous work environments have many safety protocols in place to prevent workplace injuries from happening. Getting the correct safety equipment for your workers can save them from serious harm. Make sure to consider these five safety equipment qualities before buying gear for your workplace.

1) Make Sure To Balance Safety With Comfort.

There is a strong link between how comfortable people feel when they work and their attitude towards doing it. If workers feel uncomfortable, they are at greater risk for making careless accidents. The less they have to focus on how they feel in their gear, the more they can focus on the task at hand. Ensure that comfort doesn’t become the main focus as baggy clothing easily gets caught in machines, leading to horrific results. Obtain proper measurements from workers before buying gear to avoid these disasters.

2) The Climate Of The Workplace Influences The Weight Of The Equipment.

The workplace climate has a significant influence on the type of protective gear needed for the job. If the equipment is too heavy, it won’t work for people in a hot environment as it will make them feel highly fatigued, which in turn causes accidents at the workplace. In cold climates, the gear needs to be heavy because workers may become uncomfortable and lose focus if it’s too cold.

3) Analyze The Threat Level Of The Job.

Employers need to work out the threat level of the job, specifically if workers need gear with cut protection. For instance, heavy annealed glass becomes as sharp as a medical scalpel when it falls and can cause serious harm. Workers who handle this type of material need safety gear with higher levels of cut protection. The higher the threat posed by the job, the higher the cut protection needs to be for the equipment.

4) Working Around Vehicles And Forklifts Have Risks.

Vehicles and forklifts have a significant impact on safety equipment, especially in low-light settings. Workers need to use equipment with class 3 Hi-visibility tape as this tape reflects light at these vehicles to ensure that they are visible to the driver.

5) Provide Appropriate Training On How To Use Safety Equipment.

Safety equipment sometimes has a specific way of using it, which workers can only learn with proper training. Mundane items such as gloves even have a particular way to use them, to ensure that it does not contaminate the skin. Workers need to be provided with training to learn about the proper use of the equipment and its limits. At VI Rentals, clients can now rent their security and safety equipment in Victoria. If you are in the Victoria area, make sure to contact them at 250 474 7476 to book an appointment.