Benefit From Your Next Mini Forklift Rental

June 28, 2021

Maybe you need to hire a forklift for a short period, or you’re looking to expand your mechanical fleet but are feeling weary about committing straight away. Mini forklift rentals may be just the thing for you as they allow you to test out expensive machines and find just the right one for you! Follow along as we highlight the positive side of machinery rental.

Pros Of Mini Forklift Rentals

Operating costs are easily maintained as the machine is only paid for when it is in use. Maintenance costs are included in the hiring fee, so you do not need to worry about regularly servicing a personal fleet of equipment. Furthermore, prices are kept relatively low as no large sum is spent on the purchasing and maintaining equipment, but rather on the hiring thereof. It may be news to you, but rentals are tax-deductible as they are considered as operating expenses, so you could even have an opportunity to claim some of your hard-earned money back!

Legal obligations, such as fines and compliance certificates, are generally taken care of by your trusted forklift suppliers- meaning that there’s one less thing for you to stress about during a build. When hiring equipment, you have an opportunity to increase your credit score instead of financing equipment in a personal capacity and, in turn, reducing the options available to you to borrow money.

If you’re in the market to buy your very own forklift, renting is the perfect place to start. It gives you an opportunity to trial an assortment of machines and finds one that best suits your building needs and desires. Rentals may also just be a short-term solution to working on a big project and not having enough machinery in your own fleet to complete the job. Mini forklifts are the perfect addition to both short-term and long-term construction projects as they can be used to enhance the productivity of an existing fleet and help you produce a faster turnaround time on a build.

More Machinery For Hire

● Bobcats and mini excavators

● Ladders and forklifts

● Rug doctor and pressure washers

● Scaffolding

● Chainsaws

● Skid steers

● Compactors

● Air compressors

● Customized hydraulic hoses

You may be asking yourself why you should choose the VI Rentals team. Well, it’s simple! We’re a trustworthy construction company in Victoria who service our client’s expectations above measure and are the best one-stop-shop for all of your commercial machinery rentals! If you’re looking for a mini forklift rental, please send us a message letting us know how we can assist!