Back To Basics Contractor Safety Essentials

October 28, 2022

As a contractor, in order to get a job done correctly and ethically, you need to ensure the safety of your team who are on site. Utilizing rental contractor supplies and heavy machinery in Victoria can become dangerous for inexperienced or exposed individuals. To ensure your workers' safety and your employers' sanity, we will revisit three of the basic safety essentials and protection gear to guarantee a safe and secure on-site experience.

Hard Hats

Hard hats may seem like a no-brainer tip, but it is commonly overlooked or underestimated. Wearing a hard hat during construction is essential. This small yet hard object may save a worker's life in a sticky situation. Hard hats should be worn on-site at all times to ensure the safety and health of the employees.

Each hard hat should be in good condition and have no cracks or visible areas that are prone to cracks or breakage. They should fit the worker and be adjusted accordingly. When not in use, correct storage is needed to ensure no excessive degradation occurs. Therefore, do not leave them in the heat or humid conditions for extended periods and regularly store them in a safe location.

Ear And Eye Protection

Eye and ear protection ensure your workers can work safely and not feel exposed to any potential materials that may damage or hurt their eyes and ears when working with the material. Training workers to be able to utilize the protective options correctly is essential. Inspect goggles or earpieces thoroughly before use to ensure no damage has occurred while in storage. Ensuring correct storage will keep the protective gear in good condition for longer periods of time. This means the job gets done without extra safety concerns or anxiety during the job.

Fall Safety Measures

Fatal falls are too common during construction. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your workers and keep them alive during their jobs, provide sufficient fall safety procedures. Educate and train workers on how to react properly and use harnesses or extra safety measures when working at extreme heights. Also, be wary of bad weather conditions. It’s better to postpone some tasks and allocate safer tasks to workers to keep them safe.

Follow these essential safety tips to get the job done in a safe and employee-focused environment. For all your commercial contractor supplies rentals in Victoria, contact us at VI Rentals today.