4 Key Benefits Of Tool Rentals For Your Construction Projects

February 19,2020

To buy or to rent? That is the question. The answer, however, depends on a number of factors. When it comes to construction projects, there are many moving parts - both literally and figuratively. The literal moving parts include the range of tools and machinery required to get the job done. As a contractor, you’ll have to decide whether you prefer to own all your tools, or rent some of them. As a company specializing in tool rentals, we dedicated this blog to discussing the advantages of renting vi equipment. Learning about the pros may help you make the best decision for your business.

Tool Rental Perk #1: You Only Pay For The Period When They’re In Use

The initial investment and ongoing expenses related to owning construction tools can be quite steep. With a rental, you pay as you use, which reduces both the initial and long-term costs.

Tool Rental Perk #2: The Equipment Is Delivered and Collected Within The Agreed Timeframe

Another place where you save money is the transport and storage of rented tools, where applicable. Transportation of equipment to and from the site, as well as safekeeping beyond the project, are the rental company’s responsibility.

Tool Rental Perk #3: Access To Machines With The Latest Technological Features And Updates

There are always new models coming into the market. Renting allows you to use the most advanced equipment with each project, meaning you’ll be more productive and efficient as time goes by.

Tool Rental Perk #4: Rental Companies Maintain The Tools So You Don’t Have To

Maintenance is a crucial element of ensuring that construction equipment lasts a long time and operates at its best at all times. In order to comply with industry requirements, rental companies maintain tools regularly, which means you get to use them in peak condition.

With tool rentals, you get to enjoy the perks of having access to the equipment. Only, in this case, the costs and responsibilities work out lower. The schedule and range of tools are flexible too, so you can work according to your specific needs. Interested in learning more? Contact VI Rentals today.