3 Questions To Keep Top Of Mind When Hiring Safety Equipment In Victoria


While time, productivity and budget are important considerations when setting out to start and finish an onsite project of any scale, safety takes priority every time. When it comes to earthmoving, material handling and platform work projects, and other large construction jobs, the most important factor to consider is safety.

Safety must be top of mind when hiring equipment in Victoria and when managing a labour force to work onsite. Therefore, make sure you implement effective safety measures, purchase appropriate safety gear for workers and hire safety equipment to ensure 100 per cent safety at all time, for every worker, and all tasks.

If you’re wondering how to start or what you need to consider, here are our top 3 questions to ask yourself when hiring safety equipment.

Is Safety And Protective Gear Necessary?

When it comes to general construction sites and working on earthmoving, material handling and platform work projects, one can encounter many dangerous and hazardous situations. To decrease the number of easily preventable accidents that happen on job sites and to ensure that workers are protected against health and safety risks, we advise that safety supplies, gear and products to keep your workers visible and safe are always necessary.

From respiratory and hearing, hand and eye protection and foot and body protection, there is a useful protective gear item available for every safety need. Wearing protective items and accessories should be mandatory, especially to those operating heavy machinery, power tool users and those doing general manual labour with non-mechanical tools. An incident or injury can happen anywhere, anytime, during any task and our advise is to always be safe rather than sorry.

Of course, there is only so much you as the business owner can do about your worker’s safety, so it is vital to enforce and educate that personal safety is the responsibility of the individual worker.

Are My Staff Trained In Using the Safety Gear?

When delegating tasks to onsite workers, it is important to educate them about correct usage of each piece of safety gear and accessory. Major life-threatening injuries and minor health accidents result in health expenses for the business or employer, production delays and hefty insurance claims, so it benefits you as the owner to ensure that proper training and information is provided to your teams.

Is My Safety Equipment Up To Code?

Purchase or rent safety equipment, heavy-duty machinery and power tools with built-in, safety features which automatically protect your staff when disaster strikes and mechanical issues run wild. Safety features are effective in limiting the damage caused during hazardous emergencies, especially if workers are unable or incapable to react effectively and timeously to mechanical issues. When purchasing safety gear and renting machinery from an equipment rental company ensure you receive thorough advice on the proper use of the gear and machinery. Ask for safety guidelines and a safety manual which may come with the safety equipment.

Contact The Experts Who Can Put Safety In Your Hands

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